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Lights, camera, action! Get ready to enter the TV industry... Kairosoft style! In this charming pixel art sim game, you'll create your own shows, deciding everything from the theme and genre down to the set and the performers who star in it. Experiment with different combinations, and you might just have a hit on your hands! Where would a TV show be without its stars? Build rapport with different talent agencies, find performers that specialize in certain genres, and get the studio audience really fired up! Preparation is an important part of any production. Send your staff out to scout new locations, and they'll come back with new themes, genres, and decor items, giving you even more options to work with. Once one show airs, you can start on another right away! Publicize it in magazines, on the radio, or on social media to win new fans. How high will the ratings on your next show be...? It's time to take control of the airwaves and create a hit that will go down in TV history! -- Supports drag to scroll and pinch to zoom. Search for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games, or visit us at Be sure to check out both our free-to-play and paid games! Kairosoft's pixel art game series continues! Follow us on X (Twitter) for the latest Kairosoft news and information.


Optimization for smartphones

Our app is perfectly optimized for your devices. This ensures smooth and responsive functionality!

Camera operation

The app works perfectly with your smartphone camera to implement augmented reality features!

Pleasant Surprises

Various promotions and gifts await you inside the app. This will be a pleasant surprise for you!


The app data and your settings are always available from the cloud, allowing you to always and everywhere.

New approach to design

The design of the application was developed according to modern standards. New technologies and modern tools have been used to realize the naturalness and realism of visual objects.


Contact Information

  • Country:  Switzerland
  • Street: Kirchstrasse 67
  • City: La Joux
  • Phone Number:  +41  026 654 84 74
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  • Last update: 01.05.2024

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